Verizon CEO announces firm has shaken off the desire for cable

The desire to own a cable industry topped the list of Verizon’s to dos, but it seems to be a past story now. According to the head of America’s biggest telecommunication firm, Lowell McAdam at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference held on Thursday; the company has moved on as the facts show clearly that they can build it better than buying it.

Verizon speaks on the forgone deal

Verizon’s CEO didn’t attempt to distance himself from the quote and viral desire to merge Verizon with a cable firm. However, McAdams said he had a second thought about going for such deal once the fiber infrastructure vital for wireless’ 5G gels.

McAdams speaking of the next mobile networks generation said it’s a platform that will pave wave into the fourth industrial revolution in the nation. He predicts that the platform will offer speedy response about five times the 4G network and about 10 times the battery life. He also hinted that the gels would offer about 100 times the throughput.

McAdams added that 5G isn’t very far away from us, but just at our doorstep. Cable isn’t becoming much trendy as it lacks the required bandwidth. He also expressed his feeling about AT&T’s decision to use its envisaged acquisition of HBO parent Time Warner to market more mobile devices. He finally said that his firm wants clients to purchase their products on their own accord.