Qualcomm showcases under-display fingerprint sensor with Vivo

Qualcomm displayed its most recent fingerprint technology at Shanghai during a Mobile world Congress. The new ultrasonic fingerprint solution can be placed under the screen of a model phone by Vivo.

Qualcomm, the US chip makers, said at the congress that the new Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors could be incorporated under OLED screens, and it works well for glass and metal.
At the event, Vivo, a Chinese phone manufacturer displayed a model smartphone that featured the new Fingerprint sensor. Presently, the print solution is yet to be made commercial.

The new solution expected to feature in high-end phones

The anticipated Galaxy Note 8 will probably feature this new technology at the back, while the new Samsung Galaxy S8 series already has the fingerprint sensors at the back. Likewise, rumour has it that the next iPhone by Apple will have the sensor below its display.

According to Qualcomm Company, the Fingerprint Sensors for both Metal and Glass will work fine with Snapdragon 630 and 660 Mobile Platforms and will be compatible with OEMs this month. However, it will hit stores and markets in the first part of next year.
Likewise, the display versions will be available for Snapdragon versions that are yet to come, and by the fourth quarter of this year, the sensor will be made available for OEMS.

According to the company, the new idea came up in a bid to manufacture displays with water resistant features, as well edge-to-edge displays. The Under Glass display tailored to suit mid-range phones can allow for displays up to 800µm.
The Under display designed for premium phones are compatible with OLED screens up to 1200 µm, while displays of about 800 µm or 525µm for aluminium can utilise the Under Glass and Metal designs.