Photo of Hillary Clinton Reading Headline Regarding Pence Email Scandal Goes Viral

A picture taken of the former presidential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton taking a look at the newspaper headline regarding current U.S. Vice President Mike Pence who is being accused of utilizing private emails for governmental business just went viral on various social media platforms, as thousands of users commented and shared it.

Pence and many other individuals involved in last year’s Republican presidential run had criticized Clinton’s previous use private email accounts as she was the former United States Secretary of State.

Capturing of the Photo

Clinton had flown on a plane that travelled to New York from Boston Friday when a passenger on the plane with her took a photo of her looking at Friday’s edition of USA Today’s headline on the front page reading “Pence used personal email in office”.

Pence using a personal AOL email account had been initially reported on by the publication Indianapolis Star last Thursday. It stated that Pence had used the private account, which had been hacked the previous summer, sometimes in order to discuss matters that were confidential and sensitive, as well as homeland security topics throughout his time as Indiana governor.

Pence stated Friday that he complied with laws in the state regarding his use of the private account, and that an outside attorney reviewed his records and archived anything related to business of the state.

Trump-Pence Prior Witch-hunt Against Clinton

Throughout the campaign for presidency, current President Donald Trump along with Pence repeatedly denounced how Clinton’s previous use of private servers had broken laws and endangered the nation’s security. This claim led supporters of the Trump-Pence campaign to chant against Clinton, often calling for authorities to “Lock her up!” in rallies nationwide.

The US State Department’s watchdog stated that Clinton using private servers had broken department rules. The FBI also reviewed her emails in order to find any classified material, but found that there was no need for criminal charges.