Panasonic Expects Autonomous Dynamic Structure Launch in 2022

Panasonic Corp’s autonomous driving system is set to be launched in 2022, as the company is set to fight for more market share in the coming years.

Panasonic is currently the exclusive supplier of battery cell for Tesla’s Model 3 brand and has now started moves to reinvent itself in order to be able to compete in the industry due to increased competition in the smartphones industry.

The brand’s new driving system which is autonomous will make it easier for the company’s brand of cars to move at slow and fast speed and also park itself.

“We are aware of the fact that our rivals are way ahead of us.” The director of Panasonic vision and tech section, Shoichi Goto said.

“But we are committed to gaining a market share through the development of large scale integration (LSI) chips for the advancement of the image processor and the sonar sensing capabilities. This will be of great advantage to us in the long run.”

The chips will be put through more rest and polished just before it is launched. One of the company’s engineers revealed.

Working On New Innovations

Panasonic further revealed that they have been working to expand their range of self driving cars so they can match up with the likes of Continental AG and Bosch.

The company further revealed that it had plans to increase its stake in the automotive industry to generate over 22 billion dollars by 2022.

Despite its age and maturity, the automotive market has beheld many unforeseen advances in the last two years. And as always they have always put safety first. Top suppliers of electric cars are now making use of new technologies to make new products.