Online Tools for Increasing Your Investment IQ

An advisor is quick to say that the past results of stock’s performance is not guaranteed to determine the future performance. At the same time, there are investors that will say you are doomed for another failure, if you don’t learn from the past. If it is over several decades or a few years, an advisor can benefit from knowing a financial market’s ups and downs. This is why a trio of interactive, proprietary online tools were launched by RidgeWorth Investments, which displays different investments and their changes in various market environments with historical data.

Municipal Bond Tool

Municipal bonds’ tax advantage is demonstrated in a visual way, with this Municipal Bond Tool. You can select the best income bracket for the household income of a client and select data with over 30 years yielding municipal and treasury bonds, along with muni bonds’ tax-equivalent yield for different tax rates and income levels. This interactive tool is powerful in demystifying municipal bonds’ investing benefits for advisors.

Rates, Performance, & Markets Tool

Better known as RPM, this online interactive tool allows users to investigate the performance of a portfolio during historical periods. Some of the periods can be the rising and falling of interest rate environments, along with bull and bear markets. Interactive sliders are available for users to allocate portfolios that have 13 fixed and equity income asset classes that provide a better understanding on how a portfolio will perform with specific characteristics in various market environments.

Mid-Cap Tool

An advisor is able to compare a mid-cap stock’s rolling return to small-cap and large-cap stocks, within a scalable time frame. A user can select various time frames, from one to ten years or monthly return data over 30 years and view how the mid-cap stock has performed against those of small-cap and large-cap markets.