One of android’s best features might finally come to the iphone


IPhone is about to get one of Android’s best features

Google’s AI virtual assistant is about to come to iPhone, with an announcement to come at this week’s I/O developers conference, a new report reveals.
It has always been a known fact that Google wants its Assistant to run on as many devices as possible. AI virtual assistant initially launched on the Google Pixel, was an exclusive feature for Google’s newest phones. At first, Google brought the Virtual Assistant to a slew of Android devices in March, just as talks about Android phones getting Amazon’s Alexa intensified.

According to reports, Google is now bringing the Assistant to iOS. The iOS app will be accessible and available for download in the US App Store at first before Google adds support for more markets. Although, it was said that the Assistant would not take voice commands on the iPhone like it does on Android devices, but it would help with queries instead. However, the main difference is that it won’t come preloaded on new iPhones like Android devices. Instead, users will download it from the iOS App Store if they want to use it. Aside from Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana assistant is also available in the App Store.
It was also explained that Assistant for iPhone would support other Google applications installed on iPhone. So that when users order the Assistant to view a video, the YouTube app opens.
Google’s AI, on the other hand, will allow users to power the Photos app in order to create real coffee table photo books.
Lastly, Google will be integrating the Assistant into home appliances like dishwashers, washers, refrigerators, ovens, and dryers.