No one has used Facebook stories to let Facebook Instagram borrow

Facebook has apparently found a new approach to provide the necessary footage to your story: Soon you can copy Instagram’s Facebook stories directly from Instagram. As reported by Mashable, some Instagram users already see the option to share their picture or video on Facebook at the same time just before uploading Instagram.

Facebook will appear in the Stories section as though you were actually creating them

But you will know that these stories are made of Instagram because they are marked with the instagram tag under the username. This whole experiment sounds very desperate and sad, but it also shows how Facebook has managed to make success stories in the company’s main application so far.

If you’re like me, the story at the top of Facebook’s mobile applications is probably an infertile desert zero activity. None of my friends and family did use this feature. Nobody puts anything. It’s just a set of profiled profile profiles.

In this way, it turns into Instagram Stories, which daily uses 250 million people to solve their own commitment problem, shows that Facebook already has despair. Yes, you can post the content you post on other social networks in the mainstream Instagram, but if you’ve deleted stories like Facebook, that replacement was probably unavailable. This is also the deadliest example for Instagram, which explicitly adds property to Facebook’s welfare for a long time; from a user-centered perspective, Instagram has done an excellent job that maintains a division of the line with its parent company.

This is just a test for now, so it might become clear that Instagram does not break the possibility of exporting stories to Facebook for everyone. But the advertising opportunities that are present in the stories are too good for Facebook to simply say “well, maybe people do not want this feature in any application” and accept failure. The company will always try to cause sparks.