Mind-Controlled Robotic Hand to Enter Markets

A breakthrough in the scientific and health field for that matter as well has arrived. Scientists have put to action a creation of a robotic hand that is controlled command through mental signals for those who endure spinal injuries or suffer from an impairment of some sort that affects body motions from the lower parts of the body.

This invention will allow individuals who have these special cased physical limitations to eating with a spoon, drinking, grasping objects, etc.

How it works?

A cap is placed on the person’s head that allows a measurement of activity from the brain to be performed, along with motions from the eyes.

As a result, the person wearing this cap transmits signals to a computer which meticulously took control of each movement of the hand since it is attached to it.

Apparently it took a mere 10 minutes only for those who contributed and volunteered to test its efficiency to declare that they have gotten the hang of the process and were able to perform tasks such as writing.

This robotic hand however does require for the individual to have some sufficient strength in their shoulders, as the machine has its own precincts.

The shoulder muscles are vital here as they will be responsible for reaching with the robotic hand. Meanwhile, someone else will be performing the duty of assistance of maintenance from the actual system.

“The participants who had previously expressed difficulty in performing everyday tasks without assistance rated the system as reliable and practical, and did not indicate any discomfort during or after use,” the researchers behind the research on the matter stated. These tryouts were aimed at people who had severe difficulties with their spinal cord, thus meaning they are still able to move their shoulders freely, but are restricted in their fingers.

These types of inventions aren’t something completely new to the table or field of science, but apparently other prevailing creations had their own defaults and impracticalities to the individual’s health. It is said this profound structure can be released out into the market within a time frame of about two years.