Microsoft Trying To Make Life Easier With Accessibility for the Disabled

Microsoft is one of the technology providers that ensure that people with disabilities can access their devices and by next year they will expand their service in providing more accessibility to the disable.

The add some of the best features of Windows 10 with the narrator and some support for Braille, Some of the new addition to Windows to includes the text to speech and ability to volume duck when Narrator pop in when you are listening to music.

Now it is easy for the narrator to works better even with edge browser this makes it easy to fill credential a forms by navigation through heading level. It is also possible on Xbox one to be able to control how the rate and speed in which narrator speak. Xbox is also a window device too.

The customer is disturbed that office 365 might be left out of this associability upgrade, but Microsoft brings their mind to rest because it was told that next year office 365 would be equipped to be able to meet the needs of the disability.

This will be possible with the artificial intelligent that was developed from it Computer Vision Cognitive Service, with its power it will be possible to replace text with images and also concurrent names for hyperlink and also making accessibility checker readily available in many office tools and app.

There are many other features like reading aloud when text is being highlighted and ability to break words into syllable for efficient reading

All the last ability is already rolled out for office insider, but it will be available for everyone during the spring.