Lenovo showcases a new PC concept with a flexible display

During a recent event in New York, Lenovo, a top technological company unveiled its proposed laptop concept with a flexible display – an impressive model that will feature mouse hub, signature ThinkPad directing stick and even a built-in keyboard.

The new personal computing (PC) model with flexible display may be what so many have longed for. With this design, stylus pen and voice over commands will come to play a significant role, as they will be the basic means of interaction with the computer.

New screen technologies

Lenovo pointed out that the new concept will be a result of the right blend of new display technologies and advanced materials. Although there have been displays of flexible screens at CES programs for a long time and none has come to accomplishment.

Lenovo’s concept seems to be one that will come to actualization with their vision and confidence during display.
Incorporating stylus technology may not be a straightforward one. As such, speculations suggest that what will be may not match what Lenovo is portraying exactly. Ever imagined a scenario where you control and navigate your browser with voice commands? It may be a fresh experience for some, while others may not sit well with such feature. Who knows, this might turn out to be the best technological step taken by Lenovo. However, let’s hope to see the fulfillment and materialization of what Lenovo has just shown.