iPhone 8 release date confirmed

The new iPhone 8 will turn many things around for Apple fans. It will be unique and cost more than the previous iPhone models. So many have waited for the release date, but guess what? It’s certain now.

The Wall Street Journal stated Tim Cook would launch the long-awaited iPhone 8 on September 12. Dow Jones has it that Apple plans to unveil the phone at the ground of the new Apple campus. The Steve Jobs theatre will possibly be the venue for the launch of iPhone8.

It’s good to indicate that the Steve Jobs Theatre is not the only victim of the race against time; the iPhone 8 has been facing major production delays and will be available in not many quantities by September.

The delay is over

One of the reasons for the delay and limited quantities that will be available at launch is the failure of the tech giant, Apple to use the Touch ID in the new iPhone 8, not even at the back or on the power button.

The price of the iPhone 8 is what has got many people talking. A whole 54% increase over the previous iPhone 7 may make some people step back in their plans to buy the iPhone 8 and settle for iPhone 7s and 7s plus. However, it shouldn’t be a break for many iPhone enthusiasts. It’s just a little above ten days, and everyone will get to see the new iPhone 8.