Google Voice has a long overdue important update and a new style

A new version of Google Voice has been announced by Google. Besides basically conveying Voice tastefully up-to-date, the overhauled application extends a few elements that up to this point were accessible for clients who had changed to Hangouts for some Voice capacities like messaging and voice message. For one, photograph MMS is presently bolstered by Google Voice on all stages and crosswise over essentially all real transporters. Pictures show up inline in your discussions, and shooting your own is as simple as whatever other messaging application. That sounds like essential usefulness, yet MMS has been a long-term sore spot for Voice. No more messages with MMS connections or other peculiar workarounds.

Assemble messaging has been added to the fundamental Voice applications, no Hangouts required. This is a vitally vital element to many individuals that Google Voice has been terrible at as of not long ago. With today’s overhaul, aggregate discussions are named plainly and ought to fill in as you’d anticipate that they will.

Voice message interpretations are still in there as well. Furthermore, with this overhaul, Google is presenting phone message interpretations for Spanish. Other pleasant touches I’ve seen in a couple days spent testing the new Google Voice include: in-notice answers on Android, 3D Touch bolster for iPhone, and a client experience that at long last feels less like a relic from the early App Store days.

Today is quite recently step one, an upgrade that appears to be more about compensating for lost time than reevaluating what Google Voice is. On the off chance that you’ve officially moved your Voice account into Hangouts, the blog entry says there’s “no compelling reason to change to the new applications, yet you might need to give them a shot as we proceed to enhance and include more components.”

These Google Voice upgrades will dispatch first today on Android, trailed by iOS in several days. Once your versatile application is overhauled, the web customer will consequently change over to the new plan. Everybody ought to have it inside two or three weeks, as per Google.