Facebook Shuts Down AI program After Major Malfunction

Facebook has called off an Artificial Intelligence experiment it was carrying out after two of the AI started relating in a language only they could understand.

According to reports, the chatbots were made with the ability to create their own form of English so they work more easily. But their language became too obscure that humans could not understand them.

Change In Language

The conversation kicked off after Facebook asked the chatbots to have a conversation and negotiate a trade involving balls, books, and hats. But the negotiations broke down quickly after it was discovered that the robots were communicating in a language that humans could not comprehend.

The goal of the challenge was to get the chatbots to enhance their bartering skills during their conversation without using proper English so they could create their own form of shorthand language.

Researchers believed the bots created a shorthand that humans couldn’t relate to even though it was effective for them.

This is not the first time that an AI had created its own kind of language. Google had a similar experience with their AI program which was meant to work for its translation tool. The AI instead translated things and then turned it around. But Google left it intact and the shut down the program.