Facebook says 10 million UU users you’ve seen ads related to Russia

About 10 million people in the United States on Facebook saw the political divisions that the company bought in Russia a few months ago and after the last US presidential elections, he announced on Monday.

Facebook, which has not yet made such an assessment, said in a statement that it uses models to estimate the number of people who have seen at least one of the 3000 ads. He also said that 44% of advertising was visible before the election in November 2016, and 56% later.

Ads triggered anger on Facebook and the US in Russia, as the world’s largest social network discovered its existence last month. Moscow refused to participate in the advertisements.

Facebook has called for increased US regulation. American authorities. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg pointed out steps he took to prevent governments from abusing the social network.

In a separate statement on Monday, he said he was thinking of looking at thousands of people to examine and secure their conditions as part of an effort to prevent Russia and other countries from disrupting the selection platform.

The latest company said no one showed about 25 percent of advertising

Schrage, while criticizing ad buyers for using fake accounts, also said that many ads would not “violate content policies,” and that they were left when they were purchased with real accounts.

“Although we disagree with the views of those who talk about matters, we believe in their right to do so because we believe in the right of Americans to express their views on other countries,” he wrote.

However, with more than five million paying advertisers, Facebook has problems with applying all its rules.
The company announced on Monday it will intensify its policy “to avoid advertising that uses even more subtle expressions of violence”. He did not specify what kind of material he could cover.

Facebook also said it will begin to require more detailed documentation of those who want to announce announcements about the US Bundestag’s choice and require them to confirm their business or organization.