Facebook pushes video streaming with US, UK ad campaign

As at October 24th, 2016, Facebook users will be able to roll out live videos. The giant social media network announced on October 21st, 2016 that the advertising campaign for live video streaming will run on television and also on buses and billboards across US and UK throughout January. The ad campaign was created by the network’s in-house ad studio, the Factory.

Speaking about the live video streaming initiative, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that Facebook was keeping up with the content wave. With the new video content feature, Facebook projects that video will become the most popular type of content among its 1.71 billion users. Users can shoot videos using Facebook Live, a new app that makes it easy to shoot on mobile devices. The ad campaign is a new effort to get regular users to use video like publishers and celebrities.
Facebook’s chief marketing officer Gary Briggs noted in a blog post that all the content for the ad campaign was shot on a phone using Facebook Live. He also noted that a lot of the videos on the TV spots feature regular people from around the world and that none of the dialogue was scripted.

Briggs also noted that since May 2016, the number of live broadcasts at any given time had grown by four. However, Facebook would not comment on how Facebook Live users they have or how often users are using the app. Rather, Briggs added in his blog post that while the largest audiences are those viewing broadcasts from publishers and public figures, most live videos are posted by regulars.