Facebook employees argued Trump’s posts should be banned as hate speech

A number of Facebook employees called on their social media company CEO Mark Zuckerberg to bring down some of Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump’s posts. Some of the employees even threatened to quit over some of Trump’s updates which they claimed went against the site’s policy on community rules and hate speech. The said posts related to Trump’s comments on banning Muslim immigration to the United States and according to the employees, the company shown double standards to Donald Trump.
The argument went all the way to the top with Mark Zuckerberg stating that the social media company would not engage in content censorship. This statement from the CEO did little to quell the argument and only added fuel to the fire with some of the community standards staff threatening to leave the company. According to Monica Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy management, Facebook would not take down any of Donald Trump’s posts because of their obligation to remain impartial during this election period. The Facebook CEO also told people attending a town hall meeting that he believed Trump’s posts constituted hate speech but the implications of taking them down were too drastic.
An official statement from the company stated that Facebook will allow content that people find significant, newsworthy or essential to the public interest even if the content might violate their standards. Facebook is a huge platform in this election cycle and this information has revealed how the company is grappling with its place as a key source of information.