PlayStation Set To Release Much Anticipated Game – Double Dragon IV

Sony had willfully kept the gaming world on its toes over the past decade. Now, the video game giant will once again have game enthusiasts whipping out their credit cards to get one of history’s most sought after memorabilia.

Double Dragon IV will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a newly updated version. The launch date is set for January 30 and will be made available for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC. Definitely, fans will be delighted as this will the game first update since the 2012 Double Dragon Neon title.

The game is quite retro in its treatment as it would feature a side-scrolling title which the old school gamers from the 90’s would remember.  Even though Arc System Works own the Double Dragon Franchise today, it is announced that three members of the core development team of the original Double Dragon are aboard this time.

This includes the game planner, designer, and composer from the original version of Double Dragon. Thus we are expecting a lot of retro aspects to feature in the new version of the game, imparting a nostalgic feel to the players out there. The Japanese price for this game is listed at 800 yen, and the American market would receive it for just under $8 a piece. Thus the company is going for more of an affordable product for the fans, thereby targeting that specific domain of the user base.

The teaser of the game cements the retro theme of the game more and more. The title is given in a pixelated design. As some of the fans pointed out, it is hard to recognize if we are looking at the original version of the game or its newer release. The teaser also shows the option for playing story mode or a 2 player game. If Double Dragon IV doesn’t take you right back to the days of the game arcade with a twist, nothing else will!