Cyber Attacks Disrupt Access to Major Online Services

Massive cyber attacks have been reported to have crippled major internet services. Some of the major websites affected include Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, SoundCloud, Shopify and Amazon, among other major websites. The suspected DDoS attack, which is under investigation by Homeland security and the FBI, hit the EastCoast,disrupting major online services for several hours.
Hackers Chilling Warning

Days after the East Coast attack, anonymous hackers have issued a chilling warning of a forthcoming DDoS attack. However, they did not specify the services that were being targeted. In the recent past, major banks have come under attack, together with other major websites. It has emerged that the widespread attack was a hit on the Dyn server.
Worse Attacks

However, Forbes has warned that worse attacks could be in the offing. Forbes says that hackers are selling access to hacked IoT devices capable of causing major disruptions in major online services. Just days after the attack, RSA security company discovered an underground forum through which hackers are advertising access to IoT devices, including the IoT Botnet.

Massive Losses

Cyber attacks amount to economic sabotage. The cyber attacks have caused massive losses, not to mention lost time and repairs to affected websites. If efforts are not put in place soonest possible to deal with cyber attacks, the economy is bound to experience their heat sooner or later.