Cyanogen To Put A Bullet Through Google’s Head.

Cyanogen burst onto the tech scene with high hopes of building an Android phone that would rival that of the internet giant Google.  But the fairy tale is just about over for the ambitious startup. After a rocky period, the company had given its staff the pink slip and shown its outspoken CEO the doors.

Cyanogen, the ambitious startup that aimed to build a better version of Android than Google had laid off its staff,  and let go of its CEO as well as parted ways with other patrons.

The company will close its doors on December 31, 2016. This will essentially mark the end of Cyanogen’s grand ambition. Kirk Mc’Master the outspoken former CEO claimed the company had intended to “put a bullet through Google’s head.”

However, the new CEO Lior Tal is ushering in a new path, he had planned to take a different approach to re-position the company on a more attractive platform.

Tal, who was the former COO of Cyanogen, stated that the company’s Modular OS program was “designed to achieve the original objective of an open and smarter Android. This he said will eliminate the limitations of a device operating solely on Cyanogen Operating System.

Essentially, after failing to slay Google; Cyanogen will now contend to adapt and live in the internet giant’s world.

Cyanogen’s software would require handset makers to bypass Android and Google services and use Cyanogen’s alternatives. The company has been on the warpath since it burst on the scene; it has managed to sever ties with OnePlus its biggest partner just after making a single device.
Cyanogen is on life support; its services are dying fast, however, Tal’s strategy is to create a phone that will work with regular Android and stacked with services from its past rival; the formidable Google.


SOURCEAndroid Police