Brian Acton, WhatsApp co-founder is set to leave the firm to set up his foundation

Brian Acton, Whatsapp co-founder is leaving the company to kick off his nonprofit organization.

Acton began with Facebook when WhatsApp was bought for $19 billion in 2014 and appears to be the lesser know of the WhatsApp co-founders – Brian Acton and Jan Koum, the CEO, who is still with the firm.

Acton headed the internal engineering for WhatsApp, and a close source to the enterprise reveals he was a big advocate for the push into encryption for WhatsApp. According to the firm’s spokesperson, Acton’s role cannot be completely replaced by any single worker.

Acton informed his WhatsApp colleagues about his departure at a meeting held at Facebook Headquarters on Tuesday. He also posted it on his FB page, later the same day.

Acton’s Facebook Post

In a Facebook post, Acton said he’s very fortunate to have the ability to embark on new things despite the risk while focusing on what he has the passion for. He added that he has decided to kick off a new nonprofit focused at the blending of technology, nonprofit and communication. Acton went on to say that he has thought much about it, and it’s time to make it come alive. He promises to share more details in the coming months.

While Acton discloses his new venture, it’s not clear what he will focus on exactly. Apparently, he has enough funds to kick off whatever he likes, Forbes estimates Brian Acton’s net worth to be $6.5 billion.

WhatsApp with about 1.3 billion users is set to make more money with the multiple enterprise products its building. Acton’s departure comes at this time when WhatsApp is working on implementing features that will enable businesses to reach out and interact with their clients using the app. Presently, WhatsApp doesn’t yield any revenue.