Amazon Echo May Be Key Evidence In Murder Case

Who would have thought that a not so important gadget like the Amazon Echo could become the key witness in a murder investigation, well, we are very familiar with small security gadgets some as small as a pin that is used to keep us safe from criminal elements in our society.

Investigators in charge of criminal cases just added a new equipment to their arsenal of crime-fighting gadgets. As initially reported in The Information, cops in Bentonville, Arkansas have issued a warrant to Amazon, requesting that the organization hand over information from an Echo gadget.

James Andrew Bates, the suspect, was accused of first-degree murder in November of 2015. Law enforcement officials discovered the body of Victor Collins who was choked and suffocated in Mr. Bates’ hot tub.

James Bates told police he’d welcomed Collins and two friends, Owen McDonald and Sean Henry, over to watch a football game. The accused stated that he chose to go to bed about 1 a.m., leaving the deceased and McDonald to hang out and use his hot tub.

As indicated by Bates’ affirmation, he discovered Collins face down in the water when he woke up a few hours later. McDonald declared that he left Bates residence around 12:30 a.m.; this story was affirmed by a friend of Owen McDonald.

As per telephone records, Bates said he was messaging a female friend throughout the night and had also called his father during that time, but none of the calls could be confirmed by the police investigating the crime.

Bates has a few web associated gadgets in his home, but the key observer in this matter may be his Amazon Echo, which according to The Information, police records say it could have controlled the gushing music, which could remotely transmit signals for the duration of the night.

In any case, it’s misty how much information police could remove from the gadget or how valuable that information would be for this investigation. Alexa is continually listening through several mouthpieces and could have picked up on something that hopefully could help solve this mystery.

SOURCEVenture Beat