Amazon dismisses the unlimited cloud storage

Lately, the Amazon Drive has been standing tall as a top notch cloud storage anyone can get a great deal. You are entitled to unlimited cloud storage for your files at just $60 for a year; this is arguably an unprecedented deal.

Regrettably, Amazon is bringing its $60 subscription for an unlimited storage year to an end – you can only have archive storage of 1TB. It will entail an expensive archiving in the sky somewhat.

Here’s the new deal

Following the modification of the $60 package, there are now two packages. You can either opt for the 1TB for $60, or 100GB for $12 per year. However, you may want an extra TB that costs $60, but all additional storage cannot exceed 30TB.

While this is a good pricing for such storage, old users who saved several files of large sizes with a view to enjoying an unending storage may be annoyed with this new idea.  Then again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you have your subscription renewed automatically. Current users of the unlimited storage will have their plan moved over to the 1TB for $60 monthly as soon as their current subscription expires. Therefore, if the new development doesn’t suit you, it’s high time you considered a move away from Amazon.

Fascinating freebies

While the modification on subscription may seem to be unfavorable to some, everyone still stands a chance of having unlimited and free photo storage if you sign up for the Amazon Prime. Likewise, those who sign up for the Amazon Drive gets a whooping free 5GB data.