White powder at Clinton campaign HQ ‘non-hazardous’

The New York Police Department (NYPD) revealed early Saturday morning that a letter containing white powder that was sent to Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton’s office was non-hazardous. There was wide panic at Hillary Clinton’s national campaign headquarters on Friday after an envelope containing white powder was opened by Clinton campaign workers. Investigations by the New York Police Department revealed that the letter was first delivered to Clinton’s Manhattan offices at around 5:30pm Friday and later forwarded to her Brooklyn campaign headquarters.

Emergency and security personnel ordered the 11th floor to be evacuated after the discovery of the suspicious letter. Members of the Department of Environmental Protection, the office of Emergency Management and NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit were called to carry out investigations. They responded and the initial tests shown that the substance was not hazardous. The said letter also contained writings but there were no death threats.
According to Glen Caplin, a Clinton campaign employee; the four members of the Clinton campaign who were exposed to the suspicious white powder reported no health complications and after a full body examination, they were all allowed to go home. There was no information from the Clinton camp clarifying what the substance was, but joint investigations by the Secret Service, the NYPD and the office of Emergency Services are still ongoing. A statement from the Hillary Clinton camp clarified that the campaign headquarters were not closed down during the incident and will remain open without any interruptions.