VP Pence clamors for peaceful solution in Venezuela, contrary to Trump’s controversial comments

The U.S. Vice President, Mark Pence has collaborated with Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombian President to calm the violence that aroused following President Trump’s threat to enforce the South American country using military powers.

During Pence’s first tour to call for the support of anti-Venezuela policies by the White House, Pence said from Cartagena that the government of Venezuela is turning into a dictatorship. However, he proffered that peaceful approach remains the right solution to the political turmoil and unrest in the country.

Trump’s comments on Friday

On Friday, Trump made an unprepared comment that a military option can be applied against the Venezuela’s Bolivarian government, making the White House messaging more ambiguous. Pence’s statements go against Trump’s offhand comments.

Santos, who has rigid synchronization with Washington’s anti-Venezuela campaign, combined with regional leaders who debunked the possible use of armed forces in Latin America. He added that every possible effort should be put in place to ensure Venezuela’s democracy is re-established. He went o to say that he told Pence as a friend that military intervention should not be considered.

Santos further stated that the peaceful scenario in America should be maintained, and Colombia is out to support other sanctions, but not the military option.

Pence’s visit may have no effect

Most analysts believe that Pence’s visit will not yield significant effect on regional matters. The U.S Vice President, Pence has no authority to decide the U.S policy, rather he can only act as an adviser to the president and a representative who doesn’t buy Trump’s statement.

A political scientist at the New York University, Patrico Navia, said that Pence doesn’t have the political clout to make any influence in Latin America. Navia also aids that the Latin America will most probably not allow the military option for Venezuela. He sees Pence’s actions as something geared towards the removal of Maduro.

Severally, the president of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro has clamored for dialogue, peace and negotiations to fix the present crisis arising from protests from right-wing. The protests have left up a hundred persons dead and have caused the freezing of many institutions in the country.

Contrary to Maduro’s idea, the hardliners in the United Democratic Roundtable-led opposition have insisted on the continuous protests against the government.