Vice president Mike Pence speaks to Senator McConnell and Paul in Kentucky concerning Obamacare

Speaking about the adverse effects of Obamacare, the Vice President, Mike Pence said to small business owners that help is on the way – this was during a roundtable in Kentucky.

Pence expressed his content with the present administration on Wednesday; it’s a position he’s okay with – marketing healthcare and touring to states that matter politically on behalf of Trump’s administration.

Vice president leaves for a roundtable session

The president had no official public events on Wednesday, but Pence left for Kentucky, a state that showed massive support for Donald Trump during the presidential election. Pence traveled to Kentucky for a roundtable speech and listening session, as well a non-public reception in Lexington.

During the roundtable session, Pence promised the mass that will abolish Obamacare before the end of summer.
Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky had earlier picked at the bill by the Republican Senate to annul and replace Obamacare, but Pence is bent on making the two work together. Pence said from the podium on Wednesday that he and Trump like Sen. Rand Paul, because of his great legislative ability and ways of making Kentucky proud.

Likewise, Pence accorded accolades to the Senate Majority Leader – Mitch McConnell, stressing that he’s been up doing an awesome job. On the face of it, Pence blamed Democrats for hindering the healthcare reform policy.
He issued a clear information to the two senators at the end of his remarks saying that in due time, Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mitch Mc Connell will do the needful and the legislation to annul and replace the Obamacare will be passed.