UK Supreme Court Rules Brexit Will Not Be Overturned

The United Kingdom Supreme Court ruled that it will not able to “overturn the result of the EU referendum” in a historic vote on Wednesday.

The ruling comes as a final “nail in the coffin” for the legendary Brexit vote which saw voters confirm the intention of the UK’s the leave the European Union.

After the Leave campaign won the vote, citizens wondered if the powers to trigger Article 50 was legal, and left it for parliament to decide.

A Divided Britain

Eleven justices were assigned to decide whether or not Theresa May, current prime minister, must as MP’s before initiating the UK’s two-year plan to leave the EU.

Richard Gorgon, representing Wales, stated:

“The Brexit vote split the UK, it split it into four parts. We have absolutely no quarrel with the vote …but it is the most divisive political event that has happened over the past four decades and who is to determine what happens next …it must be parliament.”

While many did not expect the case to be settled today, the court ruled that Brexit may not in fact be overturned, confirming its legality.

Gina Miller, philanthropist and anti-Brexit campaigner, said:

“I know that around the world people have been amazed at the incredible efficiency shown by the judges, the lawyers and all of the parties involved in this case who have shoe-horned around two years of work into 6 months to ensure the PM can trigger Article 50 before the end of March.

“I would like to thank my Counsel team and my solicitors, Mishcon de Reya, as well as the staff at the Supreme Court and the police for all of the effort they have put in to ensure this week has run smoothly,” she added.

The leave will continue as campaigners hope to pursue the exit by the end of March.