Uk Should Strip Syrian President Assad’s Wife Of British Citizenship, Lawmakers Demand

The world stood silent and mesmerized by a chemical attack that devastated a village in the Idlib province, leaving dozens of children and woman and elders suffocating from the sarin gas.

An assault in the midst of hundreds of incursions that took place over the last 6 years of the Syrian civil war.

The country has been eternally damaged, fractioned between several armed militias backed by different foreign powers and most of its population stranded, dead and refuged over all corners of the globe.

The West has been playing a crucial role in the development of the conflict, initially backing a popular up rise against the “dictator” Bashar EL-Assad and finally as the situation turned violent started supplying the armed rebellions with logistical, financial and weapon support.

Western origins and routes

The family of the ruling Syrian autocrat is in fact very closely linked to some Western nations, as the president himself studied in Britain as well as his wife emerged and grew up all her life in the U.K.

The Syrian First-Lady, Asma al-Assad, dual citizen of Britain and Syria has been subject to sanctions under the umbrella of the European Union; banning her from travelling to any of the member states in exception of U.K.

A letter by the liberal democrats in the British parliament to the Home office requested the confiscation and removal of the nationality from the Syrian First-Lady, as the letter read: “If Asma continues defending the Assad regime’s murderous actions, the onus will be on the UK Government to deprive her of her citizenship or demonstrate that her actions are not seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the United Kingdom”.

Family Loyalty

Ms.Asma uses several social media accounts to support the rhetoric and information war of her husband’s administration, backing him up this week after the American assault, saying: “The presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic affirms that what America has done is an irresponsible act that only reflects a short-sightedness, a narrow horizon, a political and military blindness to reality and a naive pursuit of a frenzied false propaganda campaign.”

The countermeasure taken by the president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump, sending 50 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian Airbase in Khan Shaykhun as a “retaliation” for the chemical attack; raised domestic and international critique from all over the world.

Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime have pointed the fingers at the U.S and her allies, blaming her to have staged a “False Flag Attack” to use as a pretext for a direct intervention.