Trump’s Draft Deferments Mocked by McCain

Talking about the Vietnam War in an interview, John McCain seemed to lightly mock President Donald Trump when criticisms were made by him of high earners who evaded draft by seeking doctors who would lie on their behalf.

Trump had been said to have a bone spur in his foot during the Vietnam war. He attended a private academy for the military when he much younger.

The feud between the two has been on since Trump ascended the throne of Presidency, and was fuelled when the businessman and president used a campaign in 2016 to deride the military service of the Republican. No apology was offered by Trump, and it appears their feud has been carried into his tenure of leadership.

Feud fuelled by possible rivalry

In the Interviews, Trump’s name was never mentioned by McCain. However, almost everyone knows of the President’s deferment of service because of a diagnosed bone spur in his foot.

Trump had earlier stated that a credible doctor had confirmed his condition at the time and that he got better after a while.

McCain had spent five years during the Vietnam War as a prisoner, declining bail despite being the admiral’s son.