Trump And Putin Agree On Several Global Issues Over Phone Calls

In midst of the allegations that are surrounding the new president of the United States of America, specifically his connection with the Russian government elite, the daily updates and occurrences are revealing more clarity into the national controversy.

The new head of state has been accused as soon as his presidential candidacy of being in a dubious relation with the Russian state leader Mr. Vladimir Putin.

Intelligence communities have been tracking and investigating him and several of his cronies, being surrounded by the vocal criticism of the political opposition to get behind the truth of the issue as a matter of national interest.

Hope vanishes

The two superpower leaders have seemed to appreciate and praise each other in the last period, claiming to agree on several ground issues concerning global problems. 

The stance of both president was constant until recently, as the American head of state has launched 59 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase in close proximity of a Russian airbase.

This triggered a strangling of the potential amicable future of the two rival nations, resulting in an exchanged diplomatic firing between them.

Common ground was anticipated to be reached with Trump’s inauguration as he has made clear to have found reason with Mr. Vladimir Putin, just for the hope to vanish shorty after.

Third phone call

This Tuesday, the two leaders conducted their third official phone call that was addressing Syria, terrorism and North Korea, as well as the possibility of a personal meeting this summer.

Concerning the Syrian conflict zone and its geopolitical implications, a white house official clarified the context of their discussion about it, saying that they: “agreed that the suffering in Syria has gone on for far too long and that all parties must do all they can to end the violence”