Trump gets scorned over arms deal by the Iranian foreign minister

Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign minister, on Sunday condemns the act by the present U.S president, Donald Trump who sealed an arms deal as well other investments with Saudi Arabia. This deal worth hundred billions of dollars and was done with Tehran’s archival in the Middle East.

What prompted the comments by Zarif

Hours after Trump who will be coming to Saudi Arabia enjoined the Islamic leaders to come together and win Islamist extremists, Zarif’s comments came through. Trump pointedly said that Iran is a primary sponsor of militant groups; he sent a terrible message the next day after the second winning of Hassan Rouhan as the president of Iran.

In a tweet referring the Saudi Arabia Kingdom, Zarif wrote that Iran is fresh from genuine elections but is being attacked by @POTUS – a Twitter handle, in that citadel of moderation and democracy. He further threw a question in his tweet asking if such act was sapping KSA of $480B or foreign policy.

In the time past, Saudi Arabia and Iran had named each other guilty of militia sponsorship. This is in line with their conflicts about the competing sects of Islam across the Middle East.

The Saudi king, Salman while introducing Trump, addressed Tehran as a mutual enemy and terrorism source that they must work against together. In a maiden speech abroad, Trump was eager to make up his tie with the Muslim world and aimed at restraining Iran’s manipulation in the area. Salman pointed out that Iran has been the driving force for the sectarian terror and conflict.