Donald Trump To Obama Get Out My Oval Office!

Let the show begin! Republican versus Democrats or should we say President Obama versus President-elect Donald Trump. Both men are at it again, with Trump alleging that Obama has turned course in regards to vacating the Oval Office.

We are very familiar with the love and hate relationship between Donald Trump and the media houses as well as his open disdain for Barack Obama. Trump who had always been vocal about President Obama spared no punches when it comes to the current President. After winning the 2008 election and then being re-elected in 2012, Trump was one of the key antagonists that kept pushing the idea that Barack Obama was not a citizen of the United States of America.

During that time he was adamant that he could prove that Obama was born in Kenya and brought to the USA as a child. However, while he argued his point a Hawaiian birth certificate was produced for Barack Hussein Obama. Donald Trump’s responded that the birth certificate was a fraudulent document.

President-elect Trump who is very outspoken from what we have come to witnessed from the billionaire magnate has charged that President Barack Obama had set in place contingents that will make the presidential transition would be rocky.

The once semi-private Trump had become more visible on social media since he walloped Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in the November 8, 2016, election. This morning he took to his favorite social media platform: Twitter to vent his anger with President Barack Obama.

In his tweet to millions on Twitterverse, Donald J. Trump stated that he thought Obama would make his move out of his newly acquired office a lot more smoother. WOW, it took less than 140 characters to convey how President-elect Trump was feeling about the transition. Obviously, he is twitching to get inside the White House to commence his duty.

To his latest Twitter tirade, President Barack Obama nor anyone in his administration had not responded to President-elect Trump, Twitter post. Obviously, they will let the calm prevail – there was no reaction from the White House.