Trump Cuts Education And Social Security To Travel And Play Golf

No other president in the history of the United States has caused the nation to be more polarized then Mr. Donald trump. 

The real estate mogul is leading daily all the headlines in the country with his governmental approaches and private life choices. 

The controversial man is not spared from criticism of the public regarding each move he takes before and after his inauguration.

Costly Vacations

The most recent uproar of the domestic media outlets, was centered surrounding the cost of his weekends and the private vacations he takes weekly. 

The sum of all the trips, Mr.Trump has conducted in the first 10 weeks of his presidency, amounted to a staggering $24,000,000; constituted of ten stopovers at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Miami, Florida. The security and administrative protocols and procedures mandated in those travels exceed three million dollars per flight.

Obama eclipsed by far

To have a wider perspective about the magnitude of the price tag of these ventures, paid by taxpayers, local newspapers have compared it with the numbers of the previous administrations head of office, Mr. Barack Obama. 

The yearly average travel bill of the previous head of the oval office was estimated to be twelve million dollars, adding up to a total of $97,000,000 over his eight years in office.  The political opposition of Mr.Trump is ringing alarm bells at the rate of his private life’s expenditures that surpassed, in only 10 weeks, the total cost of two years presidency of Mr. Obama.

The irony of the matter was the vocal criticism of the head of state to his predecessor concerning the same issue, taking vacations on the state’s expenses and playing golf.  Many analysts see this as a matter of “what goes around comes around” and are blasting the president for cutting huge sums from educational and social programs for the cost of his leisure.