Stephane Richard under Investigation

The chairman and chief executive officer of French telecommunications operator France Telecom-Orange, Stephane Richard, addresses on May 28, 2013 the group's general meeting in Paris. France Telecom-Orange is to change its name to Orange on July 1. AFP PHOTO / ERIC PIERMONT (Photo credit should read ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images)

Stephane Richard and five others are under formal legal examination on doubt of misappropriation connected to the Tapie case. Under French law, such a stage frequently, yet not naturally, prompts to trial. He challenges the assertions. Richard declined to stand firm as an observer in Lagarde’s trial, on the exhortation of his legal advisor, composing a letter to the court requesting that it not take this refusal as an affirmation of blame.

Suggesting that Lagarde be absolved of the charge of carelessness, Philippe Lagauche, the prosecutor in the extraordinary court that attempted her, left open the question with regards to the part of Richard, a government worker turned agent. “You can’t call putting trust in a head of staff carelessness, even should it later turn out that that certainty was lost, which stays to be illustrated,” he said.

Be that as it may, Lagarde herself, who will hear on Monday whether she is to be absolved, alluded to Richard over and over amid the trial as her “channel,” and her legal counselor said his nonattendance at the trial had denied it of “a fundamental open deliberation”.

One of the 12 legislators who sat as judges at the exceptional court for French priests said Lagarde’s record “gave the solid impression of being misguided,” including: “That falsehood is condemning for Stephane Richard.” Another witness, Bruno Bezard, who was leader of the state shareholding organization APE at the time, additionally censured Richard and the way he managed the proposition to offer Tapie pay.

“The way the head of staff exhibited the case appeared to demonstrate a yearning for a plan weighted firmly for the premiums of Mr. Tapie,” he told the court. Jean-Etienne Giamarchi, Richard’s legal counselor, rejected Bezard’s declaration as untruths. Lagarde was blamed for carelessness for approving the bizarre out-of-court settlement between the state and Tapie, a French businessperson with associations with then president Nicolas Sarkozy.