Republican Majority Congress And White House Are Finding Extreme Difficulty In Leading The Country Towards Their Aimed Destination

Republicans are controlling the majority of the congress and the White House, allowing them to theoretically be able to accomplish all their legislative and executive agenda without having to face major obstacles.

Though, reality has been stipulating a different image, as no significant initiative of the right-wing party has been attained since the inauguration of the newly elected Republican president of the United States of America.

The electoral basis of Mr. Donald Trump has been keen to observe a multitude of the presidential campaign promises being materialized and as the symbolic 100 days have passed without any significant “bring about”, the public is starting to doubt the governance capability of the head of state along with the Republican Party.

Tricky congress

After the shameful downturn of the replacement act for the Affordable Care Act, the GOP and the head of Oval Office have been keen on preventing another disastrous outcome, as lawmakers are unable to agree on the fiscal budget in light of a possible government shutdown.

The Republican majority has given the legislative platform another week until the 5th of May to come up with various legislations that will allow the various public entities to keep running until the end of the fiscal year on September the 30th.

The dilemma of the fiscal budget has been a hot-topic in the congress since the ascendance of Mr. Trump to the highest executive position, contending his new plan to reform the government budget, especially the massive increase he declared in the military budget of 30 billion dollars.

Bipartisan consent

Democrats have been compromising and halting several republican acts in the name of rational policy, as they see that other domestic programs also need more money.

Though, Bipartisan consent has been reached on the necessity of several legislative reforms to address governmental agencies, as Representative Nita Lowey of New York, the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee said: “Federal departments and agencies have been operating on outdated funding levels and policies for more than half of the year. This is unacceptable and it cannot continue”