Obama ‘Confident’ he could have defeated Donald Trump

President Barack Obama is a very confident man! The super-cool soon to be ex-president is confident he would have defeated President-elect Donald Trump if he was the Democratic nominee that ran against him in the recently concluded general election.

Despite the embarrassing and stunning failure of the Democratic party to secure the win for its nominee Hillary Clinton on November 8th, 2016. Obama credits his exuberant appeal to his suave charismatic approach and feels confident that his progressive views of the United States would have found favor with the general public.

But, if only it was possible to run for a third term then he would have had the chance to prove that he would be the Democrat who can effectively slay President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Despite sugar coating his views on Clinton’s loss by saying that she performed exceptionally well considering the odds were stacked against her, he emphasized on making it clear that the defeat is not because of his policies.

Obama stated in an interview with Axelrod that during his travel around the country he had conversations with innumerable people who attested that his policies had steered the country in the right direction thus restoring America to its former glory.

Donald Trump won jetted to victory in what pundits would call a landslide with several districts in crucial Rust Belt states that voted for the Republican Nominee. Historically most of these states had favored the Democrats and Obama had exceptional performance in both his elections.

And the figures seem to be in Obama’s favor, as his approval ratings are still holding strong up and above 50 percent throughout the country, even in the states where Trump had sweeping victories.

In this year’s election, Hillary could not gain the votes of key demographics made up of women, youngsters, and racial minorities, who have always been President Barack Obama’s stronghold. This referendum he stated does not mean they have lost their hope in the Democratic party.

“The victory of Trump, especially the margin by which he won has seemed as some sort of fantasy to most of the people,” The current President stated.