Mugshot of Greg Gianforte Montana Rep released to the public

On Wednesday, the mugshot taken by the police of Rep. Greg Gianforte was made available to the public following the Montana Judge’s instruction.

Gianforte pled guilty to the charge leveled against him in June. It was said that he assaulted Ben Jacobs a reporter on the 24th of May, a night to Ryan Zinke’s election.

Gianforte is Booked

Jacob had reported that he was slammed into the wall by Gianforte, and his glasses broke in the process at his inquisition about healthcare processes from Gianforte. From a recording of the short event, Giaforte was heard shouting at the journalist, telling him to go away.

The businessman who also is a millionaire won the election conveniently despite the occurrences.

The court ordered Gianforte to perform 40 hours of service to the community, over 15 hours of anger management sessions

Initially, Gianforte argued the truth about the Journalist’s account of the events that transpired that day. However, he apologized later, giving about $50 000 to support the committee responsible for the protection of journalists.

Marty Lambert, the county attorney, didn’t agree to the release the mugshot of Gianforte’s without an order from the court, stating that the photograph was taken in confidence and as such shouldn’t be released indiscriminately. The said photo was made available to the public following several motions were filed demanding its release.