Mr.Kushner Loyal To His Roots Against National Interest!

“Conflict of interests” has become the most circulated topic surrounding the new administration charged with the affairs of the White House.

The pre-inauguration fuzz in the American Media, targeted at the possible cronyism and nepotism that the new president was suspected of, turned out to be more realistic than most thought would be.

The newly appointed head of state, previously a real estate mogul, is considered the richest president in the history of the nation; that accumulated his wealth with unconventional dodgy means and loopholes in the law.

Controversial appointments

The suspicions are not limited to Mr.Trump only, where most of his cronies have been investigated by local media and intelligence community’s concerning various allegations.

The unrest is destabilizing the political process in Washington and has resulted in the dismissal of a multitude of the president’s appointees.

Jared Kushner, the son in law and senior adviser of the head of the oval office, has caught the eyes of the public with the significance of his assignments relative to his diplomatic/ governmental experience.

Jewish over American loyalty?

The Washington Post has been investigating the relatively young high official, coming across several points that will cause a heated contention surrounding his effectiveness and up transparency.

Being Jewish and simultaneously assigned with the brokering of peace in the Middle East, specifically the Israeli/Palestinian nearly century old conflict; which lies at the core of all the regional turmoil.

The findings of the inquiry, showed the donations made by the foundation of his family to the “illegal settlements” project in the west bank by the Israeli government.

This raises concern about his genuine intention of creating a peaceful mandate in the war torn region.

The cause, his family including him have contributed to, has been disapproved by all previous U.S. administrations as well as condemned internationally by all states.

Another controversial element in the Trump Administration is further diminishing his approval on the streets and is framing his future as president in the gray area of doubt.