Mourning And Celebrating: American, Russia And Alaska

After a century and a half, the largest country in the world, Russia is mourning over one of their greatest disappointments in the history of their nation.  What is remembered as a great deal and accomplishment for the United States of America, the sale of Alaska and its annexation to the Americans is celebrated on both sides with contrasting emotions..

Ambushing the Brits

For the Americans at that time, this expansion was very useful in their pursuit of greatness as it meant a shorter trade route towards China and the ability to hold back any encroachment on the West Coast from the British empire who was at that time  a common rival for all.

The relatively logical sale back then was prompted by political reasons, as the Russians were in direct confrontation with the British empire and the transition of the vast land to the Americans would tilt the balance of power against the United Kingdom.  Obviously, the discovery of abundance of natural resources later was a disappointment that is charging the age old resentment of the Russian nationalists.

Back on feet but still too far

Russian nationalists and right wing factions are still blaming the extinct czar regime of Alexander II for the loss of what would have been a geopolitical game changer in the current time.  They see the mere amount of 7.5 million U.S. dollars received by the Russian empire at that time as an insult and a disgrace to their imperialistic ambitions

With the ascendance of Vladimir Putin to power, they reassertion of Russia to its previous glory has seen the country spreading its wings once again in all directions, annexing different territories it saw as its historical right neglecting the international disapproval.  Although, with the current status quo in the world, Alaska remains a far dream considering the unparalleled power the United States of America has gained since then.