Miss-coordination, Contradictory Strategies And Unclear Vision Mark The Trump Administration

In midst of the diplomatic tensions and the armed conflicts emerging across all continents and oceans of our beloved planet, the new American president has dedicated a 20% increase the already largest military budget in the world.

The North Korean peninsula has posed a threat to the United States of America since the second World War and is recently conducting military show offs that are meant to provoke the newly appointed leader of “the free world”.

The president has called on the USS Carl Vinson to change its direction and to sail towards Pyongyang, in a show of readiness for any military intervention at any given time.

Shameful miss-communication

In the realm of armed forces, communication technology and systems are an indispensable component to the effectiveness and coherence of any maneuver undertaken.

A double order was given to the US fleet to sail into the North-Western Pacific to surround North Korea, at the same time to take part in joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean.

The contradicting mandate was made public when online pictures where circulating of the Vinson in the Sunda Strait in Indonesia, putting the pentagon and the Trump administration in a shameful miss-communication dilemma that undermines the global super power.

Contradictory approaches

The different governmental agencies in the United States of America are having a rough time being coherent in their statements of governing approaches and strategies, leading the international and domestic platform into confusion.

As the Trump cronies were promulgating what they called a “political reality” to accept the Bashar El-Assad regime to remain in power in Syria, the pentagon launched 50 tomahawk missiles against a Syrian Armed Forces Airbase and Nikki Haley (U.S Ambassador to the United Nations) made the intention of a regime change an imminent foreign policy goal of the U.S.