Joe Biden says 2020 Presidential Campaign

“Will keep running in 2020,” Biden, 74, told a gathering of correspondents at the Capitol Monday evening. “Along these lines, uh, what the heck, man?”

Whenever inquired as to whether he was not kidding or clowning, the VP stopped for around four seconds and moaned. He was then approached on the off chance that he would keep running for president. “Better believe it, I am,” Biden said. “Definitely, I am. Will run once more.” When squeezed promote, Biden stepped back to some degree from his announcement, saying, “I’m not submitting not to run. I took in quite a while prior destiny has an interesting method for interceding.”

Biden was on Capitol Hill to direct the Senate as it gathered up procedural obstacles to a biomedical research bill he’s supporting. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., got the Senate to rename a segment of the bill after the VP’s child Beau, who passed on of mind disease a year ago.

Biden’s conceivable section into the 2016 presidential race was a subject of exceptional will-he-or-won’t-he theory. He at last chose last October not to challenge possible Democratic chosen one Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The VP beforehand looked for the Democratic selection in 1988 and 2008. He suspended his first battle in September 1987 subsequent to getting to be distinctly involved in a progression of copyright infringement debates. In 2008, Biden finished his offer for the Democratic designation after the Iowa assemblies and later embraced then-Sen. Barack Obama. Biden will turn 78 not long after the 2020 race. Ronald Reagan was only a couple days shy of turning 78 when he cleared out office in January 1989, making him the most seasoned individual to serve as president.