Hillary Clinton Schools Official GOP Twitter Account On Healthcare Plan

Republican Party’s Twitter account sends a direct tweet to the Democrat member Hillary Clinton, trying to make her look bad about the current healthcare system on Wednesday.

Flaws In The ACA

The GOP twitter account created and shared a series of clips that show Democrat figures pointing out the flaws in the Affordable Care Act which is more commonly known as Obamacare.

The tweets all focused on attacking the Democrats, claiming that they had no alternative plans and have directly sent messages to various left-wing personas such as Sen. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and even her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

One of the clips showed Hillary in 2016, while campaigning, discussing the flaws of the Affordable Care Act. Using this to prove their point, the RNC twitter account sent:

“We’ve got to fix what’s broken. Where’s your plan @HillaryClinton?”

In a simple and direct response, showing that the RNC haven’t even bothered doing their research, Hillary sent a link from her campaign website, detailing all of the reforms to the ACA which included plan to bring down drug prices, battle rising insurance premiums and expanding insurance coverage.

Her Message

Her message read, along with the link to her site, “Right Here. Includes radical provisions like how not to kick 23 mil ppl off their coverage. Feel free to run w/ it.”

The Republicans alternative, which is out to replace Obamacare, the American Health Care Act, will force 23 million more people off health insurance coverage by 2026, says the Congressional Budget Office.

According to the CBO, the Senate’s version of the new bill dubbed the Better Care Reconciliation Act, has been stalled due to various disagreements between the moderate and more conservative members of the party. The new bill would enforce the action of leaving at least 22 million people without insurance.