Flynn promoted the nuclear power project in the Middle East during the holding of the report

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn promoted a private sector nuclear plan for the Middle East while serving in the White House, the Wall Street Journal said Wednesday.

The project aimed to build nuclear weapons in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East. During his brief visit to the White House of President Trump, Flynn advocated a group of former military officers who promoted the project in favour of American companies, according to the Journal.

Prior to joining the White House, Flynn advised US companies on the project. His indications of proximity to the White House indicate that he withdrew in January when Trump took office.

However, according to the Journal, Flynn kept on discussing the project by serving at the White House and led the National Security Council staff to meet with the companies involved in the plan.

In addition, Flynn was in contact with former military officers responsible for the project promotion, meeting with them “outside the normal channels,” the newspaper said. Even after NSC’s ethics counsellors told Flynn to stay away from the project, he continued his activity.

An official from the administration confirmed that CSN staff had met with former army officers, although Flynn did not attend the meeting because they told him that it would not be appropriate to do it.

The planned nuclear project once asked Russian companies to provide fuel to the factories and to absorb the waste, although, ultimately, it is a “US initiative”, the newspaper quoted a person familiar with the project.

Flynn has become one of Trump’s most successful advisors

He was forced to resign from the White House in February, just 24 days after taking office, after revealing that he has induced Vice President Pence on the nature of his talks with former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak .