Could European elections be tainted by Russian intervention?

According to an investigation conducted by United Sates’ CIA, Russian backed hackers may have manipulated media sources and online portals in order to undermine Hillary Clinton’s credibility. The CIA report confirming these claims has not yet been released by the American government, but Democrats are still asking for decisive actions by the White House. As a response to these claims, POTUS Barack Obama has agreed to further investigate the possible Russian meddling, and he has ordered a review that reaches back to previous elections and not just the last presidential race.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, continues to declare that Russian interference did not have a true impact. He has since undermined the CIA’s reach and said that “it has been wrong in the past” citing Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. Washington insiders have even declared that president elect, Donald Trump has not even bothered to read the classified reports that the agency prepares for him on a daily basis; which also speaks about the difficult relationship between Trump and the US intelligence.

The CIA’s findings –which are also supported by other US agencies– have a wider reach than the US election, suggesting that Russian interference may have also played an important part in Britain’s Brexit; as Russian president, Vladimir Putin was very vocal about his support to the referendum and it’s conclusion. Acknowledging that the Russian government may have intervened in favor of their own political agenda opens the door to further questions about the upcoming elections in other UE nations such as Germany; in which Angela Merkel (a vocal Putin adversary) will be fighting a re-election battle against the far right; and in France, where Marine Le Pen –an important candidate– has been open to her support for Putin’s policies. And, given the role of both nations in the European parlament, election results could be really important in shaping the future of the Union.