Employees Of White House’s Office Of Science And Technology Policy Fired

The last three members of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) left their office for the final time, with one member tweeting, “Science division out. Mic  drop.”

Under Obamas Administration

All three staff members had worked with the Obama administration. Under Obama’s administration, the Office of Science and Technology Policy that considered issues like STEM education, biotechnology, and crisis response for executive branch’s brain. According to CBS News, all the members of the office were aware of the replacements that were expected to take place.

The Trump administration justifies the situation as they believed the government was overstaffed. A White House official tells CBS News that “Under the previous administration, OSTP had grown exponentially over what it had been before.” The source said Obama administration has appointed “50 to 60 or so policy experts” in the office. Then, Obama worked on expanding the department to more than 100 employees. That increase does not technically qualify as “exponential.” However, Trump administration is going too far by reducing the number of employees; there are only 35 people in the four sections of the OSTP.

A Strong Influence

The way Obama expanded the number of members had influenced science and technology in the Unites States. One of the departing OSTP staffers tells CBS, that President Obama had “strong belief in science, the growing intersection of science and technology in a range of policy issues, and as showcased in the OSTP exit memo, in a sweeping range of [science and technology] accomplishments by the Obama science team.”

Moreover, a White House official said that “All of the work that we have been doing is still being done.” Reportedly, employees from other sections will take White House staff’s work.

However, officials confirm that advancements in science and technology would continue although others believe that Trump is not considering any technological advancements in his plans.