Coalition Airstrike Kills 18 Syrian Fighters in Alliance with U.S.

This week 18 Syrian fighters allied with the U.S. were struck and killed on Thursday by an American-led coalition aimed to attack the Islamic State.

The Tabqah strike that took place on Tuesday amounted to the third strike within a month in which U.S.-led airstrikes were linked to the death of civilians and or allies despite the Pentagon’s investigation regarding two previous strikes which killed numerous civilians located in a Syrian mosque and Iraqi building west of Mosul.


The U.S. Central Command in charge of oversees combat missions in region stated that fighters had requested airstrikes and “identified the target location as an ISIS fighting position”.

They also announce that the targeted location was in fact a “fighting position” for Syrian Democratic Forces, who are allies in the U.S. mission to fight the Islamic State.

It remains unclear as to whether the airstrike was that of a U.S. warplane or from other coalition associates.

“The coalition’s deepest condolences go out to the members of the S.D.F. and their families,” stated the Central Command, describing the situation as “tragic.” Military officials claim the cause is still under investigation.

Intensifying Campaigns

U.S.-led military campaigns implemented against the Islamic State in the region have recently intensified however there have also been an increasing record of both friendly fire and civilian casualties.

Military officers state that this it is predicted as Iraqi forces attempt to reclaim Mosul in what is known as the last major urban hurdle towards defeating extremist Sunni militant groups in Iraq.

The U.S. President Trump stated he intends to reside more power with the Pentagon and American commanders in regards to operational decision-making raising concerns as to whether Trump is carrying out sufficient oversight in these highly sensitive matters.