Chaos Ensues During Anti-Sharia Law Protests

Manhattan police stepped in to end a quarrel fueled between Trump supporters and opponents of Sharia law. The police arrested four people who were involved in the quarrels sparked on Saturday’s march as well.

Foley Square

During the event in Foley Square, one security guard flaked out of fatigue while guarding and providing security for protesters protesting against the fundamentalist Islamic law sweeping the United States. However, the demonstrations have not left casualties or grave injuries.

The anti-Islamic law group, ACT for America, planned to stage a handful of protests Saturday in not less than 18 states across the United States.

New York protesters raised slogans backing Trump’s policy regarding the Muslim travel ban and other slogans, implying “Sharia is anti-freedom” and “Real feminists march for all women.”

Anti-Sharia protester 25-year-old Tara Hepler, who came all way from New Platz, alarmed protesters, saying, “Don’t make us like Europe. Europe is under attack now.”

“It’s important to protect America and American laws,” Hepler said.

“We have a right to be safe and to protect the Constitution and to protect the citizens.”

Other Plans

Marches planned by ACT for America protesters found other counter protest lead by opponents who scoffed at them, raising “Fascists out of NYC” slogans.

One counter-protester was arrested after he hit a man who put on a cap with “Make America Great Again” printed on it.

Chaos ensued and quarrels broke out till the police stepped it and made everything fall into place.

The four suspects arrested would be charged with unlawful possession of spray defence.

Robin Aquia, 35, of The Bronx, participated in the counter-protest.

“I support everyone to be free in their choice of religion and I don’t want white supremacists in my town,” Aquia said. “It’s just a shameless attempt to threaten Muslims in this country.”

Desiree Bernstein, on the other hand, who was a member of a “9/11 family” took part in the anti-Sharia marches.

“If you love freedom, God and country, this is the side to be on.” she said.