Brexit detractors to seek help of Irish courts

A new appeal coming from EU supporters in the UK will be asking Irish courts to intervene. The final aim of the appeal is to reach the European court of justice, based in Luxembourg. The main purpose of the supporters is to seek ways to reverse Brexit after formal notice to Brussels is issued. The general assumption of all political parties in the UK is that, once the process of withdrawal begins –and as stated on article 50–, it will be irrevocable.

Supporters of this appeal, have taken to social media and crowdfunding, aiming to raise up to 70,000 pounds to finance the case. The claimants argue that the exit process was started in October, when prime minister, Theresa May gave a departure notice to the EU. They claim that, since then, the UK has been addressed as on a “departure process” which would mean a breach to treaty duties. The claimants also state that they have been deprived of their rights in the process, and will address the court of justice of the European Union.

The Irish people demand to understand how will the exit process be enacted, in order to plan for their businesses future. 11 judges who heard the appeal this week, have agreed to reconvene sometime next week in order to enter a more lengthy and complicated discussion. They will then enter the process of reviewing written and spoken evidence, and they will also have to review precedent cases. The ultimate written judgement will be delivered by early January. In order to win the case, according to Irish law, they only need a simple majority, which means that even if there are dissenting judges; but, given the delicate political nature of the case, it is thought that judges will be pressured towards reaching a unanimous decision. E