Bannon Urges GOP ‘To Get Tougher’ In Macomb County Speech

Following the victories gotten in Virginia and other places on the day of the elections, the US president’s former chief strategist went to the County of Macomb with a message centered on being conservative, Steve Bannon essentially told the people that they alongside every other stakeholder needed to get tougher.

Steve Bannon who serves as the executive chairman of Breitbart News and was Trump’s chief strategist up until August when he was sent out of office, spoke on Wednesday during a dinner held at the Republican Party held at Macomb County, He shared his vision to modify and put in a better shape the establishment made by the Republicans.

The address he gave was to over 700 republicans and appeared to some as a support speech for the president of the United States, and the endorsement of his Agenda.

“The coming year is upon us,” He said. “If we’re going to make the best out of our country and take it back, we would all need to join our hands together and fight, try to make it work.”

Bannon commends Macomb County

By the way, protesters had gathered outside the event to show their displeasure at the support shown by Bannon for groups that were white supremacists all through the nation, a Detroit News report stated.

While the event went on inside the hall, Bannon had reflected on the elections that held in 2016, one that saw many people going on to support the Democrats, and their chief representative, Hillary Clinton. Despite the upsurge, Bannon recalled how the media was shunned, and people voted in the current president, Donald Trump. He particularly commended Macomb County who went against their norm of supporting Democrats as they have previously done to supporting Trump in 2016.