Another “Russian” Agent In Trump’s Close Circle

Another chapter of the Russian intrusion scandal is widening the scope of the national security perplexity to a disturbing level, further disrupting the already imbalanced White House administration.

A cyber-attack that had infiltrated the National Democratic Parties server, releasing tens of thousands of emails, as well as the over-flooding of social media with “Fake News” and few other governmental encroachments have created a panic amongst the governmental agencies.

Judicial and intelligence inquiry

Light was shed on the former campaign advisor of the Trump presidential campaign, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation had achieved to safeguard a judicial permission to survey his communication lines, suspecting him of being a Russian operator.

The Justice department in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has confirmed the validity of skepticism that the FBI’s report was indicating, suggesting that Mr. Carter Page is in dubious relations with high Russian officials.

This would constitute a further step in the progress of the intelligence communities, trying to investigate the current administration in the Oval Office and their ascendance to power.

The president had to dismiss, in the course of the inquest, several top-aids and senior advisors while the remaining are being heavily scrutinized.

A bipartisan intelligence committee is leading an examination in this matter since the dilemma was revealed to the public. Members of congress have admitted to have been informed by the intelligence agencies earlier under conditions of secrecy.

Denial and Backfire

The unverified allegations against Mr. Trump are absorbed, denied and backfired at the “establishment”, by the head of the nation, pointing fingers at the Obama administration to have been spying on him “illegally”.

The Russian government has rebutted to be behind these intrusions claiming the allegations to be irrational. Reuters interviewed the previous advisor of the Trump campaign where he had confirmed the “Obama wiretapping” narrative, further stating: “It will be interesting to see what comes out when the unjustified basis for those FISA requests are more fully disclosed over time …”