“Wolf of Wall Street”-Style Assaults Lands Groper Boss in Jail

After events that were described as something straight out of Hollywood’s “Wolf of Wall Street”, Anthony Constantinou, 35, was sentenced to 12 months in jail for sexual assault in London earlier today.

The former City chief executive was convicted on two counts of sexual assault last month for a series of incidents that occurred since October 2014, when he pushed, groped and forcefully kissed a woman.

Repeated Assaults

Later, in February of 2015, Constantinou committed a bizarre series of assaults on a female coworker yet again.

First, he threw her phone against a wall and told her never to answer phones during his meetings. Following this incident in the same day, during after-work drinks with colleagues, Constantinou grabbed the victim’s mouth and shoved a large portion of spicy wasabi into it.

He continued to make remarks about her appearance, resulting in her leaving the room, when he pursued following her.

Like with his first victim, he pinned the woman against the wall and forced himself on her, making her feel like “a piece of meat”.

She said, “It’s literally like the film Wolf Of Wall Street….I just cannot believe it…you hear about trading floors but you never see it.”


During sentencing, Judge Nicholas Cooke QC said: “Sexual bullying in the workplace blights lives. There are eminently foreseeable consequences.”

Constantinou’s, a former pharmaceutical company employee, rose to the position of chief excutive of a business and solutions company, CWM, at a young age. His lawyer implied that this contributed to his enlarged sense of power.

Constantinou was tried for a third count of assault on another woman, but the case was cleared following a retrial.

His wife and two children attended the trial and continued to support him throughout, even sending a letter to appeal to the judge.